My thoughts on people doing there own electrical work unlicensed

Over the years I have seen terrible and dangerous electrical wiring. Not only do these people risk there family’s live’s it is against the law. When they sell the property on the dodgy wiring is still there. It is someone else’s problem and the have to pay for it to be fixed. This can be hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Moral to the story is get a licensed electrical contractor to do a pre purchase electrical report. On the condition of the wiring and switch boards of the property you are thinking of buying. This is a small price for peace of mind when you are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a new property. Wiring will generally only last 40 years the heat really can damage its integrity. Please remember if the insurance company finds out that out that unlicensed work has been done the will not pay your claim out. For advice phone Kevin on 0405262502.