My thoughts on installing Steel power poles verses wooden power poles

There are some distinct advantages for both types of power pole. We use both types of power poles and they are both very good and very strong. They will last years. Advantages of wooden power pole are strength and height and durability. Disadvantages can be dry rot, white ants,cost of machinery to move them and bore the hole. To be honest though I have seen some untreated 40 year old power poles that are still in service today. Steel poles also have some distinct advantages they are much lighter and easier to install. Generally a steel pole can be transported on a light truck or ute and installed by 2 workers in a day. They are much cheaper to purchase also. I also have heard it said by Essential energy staff that they can sometimes only last 10 years. This can be a problem and a disappointment for the consumer, If they still own the property. We install our steel power pole with as many bags of concrete that the hole will allow so we have a 80 to 120kg foundation to secure the weight of the service line. With wooden poles we treat them for white ants with termidor. We also treat the power poles for wood rot with pole saver rods to Australian standard As3000. So if you need any advice please phone us we have the experience to do your job phone Kevin on 0405262502 .