Things to consider when purchasing Grid connect Solar system

Some of the first questions you need to ask your self when purchasing solar is who am I dealing with? where is this company from? and will they be able service my solar system if it breaks down?. Do they use Quality solar components? and how long have the inverter manufactures and solar panels company’s supplying these components been doing this for?.

I have found that people either do to much research and get confused.Or they listen to people who just want to sell them a product get the sale and don’t care about the end result they are just another sale. That is why it is critical to get the advice of a local accredited solar professional and that is exactly what KMF Electrical and Solar do best. At the end of the day for most people installing solar is a major cost. At KMF Electrical and Solar we under stand this and work with you to install the best system you can afford, to avoid costly mistakes. I could tell you true storeys of people installing cheap solar system all day. The result is always the same the local solar businesses are felt to clear up after failed solar components and unhappy customer losing out on there investment and solar gain. As the installing company’s will not come back and fix there own problems.

KMF Electrical and Solar.