Solar inverter replacement

KMF Electrical and Solar we are pleased to be able to now offer our customers an inverter replacement service. We are now covering the following areas from from Forster to Port Macquarie NSW. We have had years of experience in, the solar grid connect industry on the Mid north coast. Unfortunately cheaper Chinese inverters often fail leaving the customer without there solar system properly working. In our experience this can be up to 12 months before people realise this has happend.  Leaving them with no solar benefit for that period of there solar system not working.

So it is important to check that your inverter is working properly weekly.Grounding faults known Gfdi are one of the most common earthing Faults on a solar system. Depending on the inverter this can sometimes cause a small fuse to blow inside the inverter. This will then cause the inverter to display a grounding or earth fault relay error, and code warning display  light. This may vary from the brand depending on the manufacture. But ultimately the inverter will disconnect from the grid power leaving your solar system unusable. Till you send for your KMF Electrical Solar Technician. The great news is that your new inverter will have an audible alarm or flashing light. Built in as part of the latest release of AS 5033 to alert you that this has happend.

At KMF Electrical and Solar we realise the frustration this can cause people. But don’t worry we are were to help.We will get your solar inverter up working and saving you money. As good as it was the day you had your solar system installed and even better because we don’t compromise on quality.  We will give you products and pricing options to suit your budget. But We strongly recommend that you buy the best that you can afford rather than the cheapest option.But we realise that this not always possible so we will work with to achieve the best result for you our customer.

All Inverters come with a five year warranty and the truth is we do not want to see you contacting us in the 6 years and doing the same thing again replacing the inverter. With most premium inverter manufactures offer an extend warranty which can usually be purchased with the new inverter. From time to time they even offer free extended warranty. I have heard of a lot of horror stories over the years Like one large Chinese inverter company going belly up and that’s where your warranty goes to unfortunately. Also company’s from outside the area that have originally installed the system being to busy to come back and replace your  inverter. Well it could be a 2 our 3.5 hour plus drive. Our they will try to make you pay for the freight of the new inverter to your home. If there electrician can’t get there you have to pay your electrician, to install it at your cost because they are to busy. Excuse me but I don’t call that customer service. KMF Electrical is local Established business of 28 years. We are here to help you get your inverter up and running saving you money and not at a rip off price.

The inverter is the heart of your solar system and works to convert Dc power produced by your solar panels from the sun into to usable AC power. To make your kettle boil run your hot water, electric cooking. With the right designed solar system orientated to collect the sun all day. This a very exciting thing to a lot of people especially when they can run there appliances for free from the sun all day.

These are a Few premium inverter names  as follows SMA, Fronuis, ABB It is true SMA is now manufacturing inverters in china. But let clear heads prevail. We are not talking about them being made in sweet shops in China. SMA are multi billion dollar company that employ 6000 people With state of the art factory’s. For manufacturing there products in china under there strict quality control, to me there is little difference in that. Also my advice to people when choosing a new solar inverter is do not read to much into all the technical details. Our you might get daunted and over whelmed. Instead leave Your local solar specialist they should be able to tell your very thing you need to know about purchasing a new inverter. At KMF Electrical that is what we do best give people honest and trust worthy advice and assistance  .