Post 60 cent rebate the exciting news and it is all about Electricity Storage

For those who are tired of electricity retailers increasing there prices. The great new is you can now install Hybrid battery system to store the power your solar system has produced during the day. Releasing your own solar power that your system has produced for the night time. Or at any time of the day when when you require it. Giving you the decision of when you want to use that power. Not the retailer telling you when, and how much you will pay. That is true Independence from the multi nationals. Using your own power when your solar system is not producing electricity BECAUSE YOU NOW HAVE STORAGE. WOW I say how good is that your own clean and green power, that your own system has produced. Everybody naturally thinks of Tesla for storage but guess what there is some great brand names out there to such as LG, Fronius, Panasonic that make great products.

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