About KMF Electrical

KMF Electrical was founded in 2006 to provide a specialist Solar and Electrical contracting business with good customer service in mind and high quality installations We have been serving  in the Manning valley Taree and Forster/Great Lakes area for a a combined 27 years .As an accredited solar professional we are able to install high quality solar panels and inverters .This is what we always try encourage our customer to do.Because it makes sense and gives you the customer confidants in the grid connected solar inverters and panels that we have installed. Solar also makes sense because you can save money by producing your own clean green energy straight from the sun and for free. OK we all know that that is after the pay back period. But the great news is that having solar on the roof is actually better than having money in the bank it is a proven fact and because panel and inverter prices have come down pay back periods or Roi is some times only 5 years. Recently large Electrical retailer have increased there buy back of your electricity produced by your system that you have not used. The trick with grid connected solar panels and inverter is to use your power straight away as it is not storable. I know what your thinking yes it is possible to run a few appliances such as the Air con and washing machine at the same time if the system is big enough. Also yes there are still government  subsides available.We are now also excited to able to offer port Macquarie the same specialist services of Level 1 High voltage power lines and transformers. level 2 over head and under ground service line and power board up grades steel and wooden power poles. We are one of the most well known and experienced ASP’S Authorized Service providers in the Electrical supply industry. We lead by experience having gained vital experience of over 18 years as an ASP. TO PUT It plainly there’s not much we don’t know about the electrical supply industry. If by chance if we don’t we will always find out for you. We have a genuine love the area and its people so it is easy for us to bring a professional positive experience for our clients. Service that revolves around, ‘YOU, our valued customer’. Our timely, efficient and friendly service supports our business slogan, “Your electrical solution”. From humble beginnings, KMF electrical is a growing and thriving local business.

We are a family owned and run business with Kevin Farnham, the principal of KMF Electrical. who has been a licensed electrical contractor for 28 years. We have also been in the Solar industry for 7 years installing electric solar panels and inverters. Using such names as Trina solar panels and Sunny boy inverters. Unfortunately there is lot of rubbish out which we have seen product failure first hand. Especially in cheap inverters after sometimes as shorter period as 3 months. what usually happens is sub standard inverters are installed by a cheaply by a company outside the area they fail. The company is long gone leaving the consumer OUT OFF POCKET AND VERY FUSTRATED. We have seen seen this TIME AND TIME AGAIN. Going forward into 2017 we will be offering Battery back up and standalone solar service.

Alongside Kevin is his wife, who oversees the administration of the business, so between the two principals KMF Electrical is able to fulfill your needs.

Since our inception KMF Electrical has been selected as a pre-qualified tenderer for the NSW Government Department of Commerce. We are also the preferred contractor to carry out all electrical maintenance including call outs, lighting maintenance, emergency lighting and new installations for most schools within the Manning Valley. We have also partnered to carry out maintenance and new installations for major solar companies, developers and national corporations, some from as far as Western Australia. These include Just Group, Spotlight, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Bing Lee and Normatsall Investments in Elizabeth Street Sydney. In gaining these contacts we are excited about the future of our organisation.

KMF Electrical is a member of a number of industry associations including:

  • National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA)
  • Clean Energy Council

KMF Electrical is a pre-qualified contractor with the New South Wales Department of Commerce and a Country Energy authorised contractor.

The KMF Electrical Promise

Quality and cost-effectiveness are our priorities for our customers. In other words, you won’t pay exorbitantly for sub-standard solar panels and inverters. Our range of systems caters for all budgets and those who wish to make savings without compromising on quality.

Our Values

Honesty, integrity what we do and how we deal with our customers, and a genuine love for looking after the environment

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on being a pleasure to deal with, as we educate our customers on the advantages that quality solar products have on the environment and their bank accounts.

Our Mission

To be a leading qualified solar installer who supplies quality solar systems to the mid-north coast NSW market.

Our Vision

Spreading the word to the public on the advantages of utilising quality solar products for the benefit of the environment and their financial savings.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your next electrical project.